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Film title: The Dot Man
Language: English
Plot: Major Robert Atwood, a brilliant and dedicated US Army intelligence officer is commended for bringing down a terrorist cell in Turkey. Fighting in the war on terror takes an unexpected turn for Atwood, when he is falsely accused of murdering a key informant. His once exemplary military career comes spiraling down after his own government starts to believe that he is a mole working for the terrorists he has fought so hard to disband. Paranoia sets in, and with the help of his lover, Atwood attempts to take on a new identity.

The Dot Man Series
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The Dot Man Cast & Crew

David Arrow
as Atwood
Steven Berkoff
as General West
Claudia Christian
as Lieutenant Colonel Dunst
Jonathan Breck
as Willard
Raymond J. Barry
as General Boyt
Bryan Jardine
as General Chesterson
Dorel Visan
as Iosif
Mihai Nita
as Turkish Kid
Theodor Danetti
as The Old Man
Razvan Popa
as Translator
Louise Bolton
as Emily
Iulia Boros
as Ticket Taker
Diana Dumbrava
as Ambassador Turcu