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Film title: The Drake Files
Language: English
Plot: The Drake Files feature film is a supernatural noir that combines the character-driven action of 'Taken' and the supernatural horror of 'The Conjuring'. The Drake FIles Carter Drake is a washed up ex-cage fighter who isn't battling his inner-demons, he's embraced them. He haunts the bars of West London using his fading fame to scrounge free drinks as he slips further and further into alcoholism. His only salvation is his losing battle to win back his recently divorced wife and his estranged daughter. But he needs money to do that. Big money. An enigmatic figure known as 'The Suit' offers him the chance to earn a major payday. He needs to track down a mysterious artifact called The Shamslock. Drake's combination of charm, street smarts and unique combat skills means he can move as easily in the world of aristocracy as he can in the world of organised crime. For a man like Drake finding the Shamslock should be a pushover. But within hours of accepting the job Drake's mission plunges him...

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Cengiz Dervis
as Carter Drake