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Film title: The Efficiency Expert
Language: English
Plot: Wallace is an efficiency expert, managing the high-profile downsizing of a major auto parts factory. But when he is hired to evaluate a small moccasin factory which seems from another era, Wallace has to reconsider the rapid modernization he advocates, as he is confronted by the human faces such plans h

The Efficiency Expert Series
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The Efficiency Expert Cast & Crew

Anthony Hopkins
as Errol Wallace
Ben Mendelsohn
as Carey
Alwyn Kurts
as Mr. Ball
Bruno Lawrence
as Robert, Carey's Father
John Walton
as Jerry Finn
Rebecca Rigg
as Cheryl Ball
Toni Collette
as Wendy Robinson
Russell Crowe
as Kim Barry
Angela Punch McGregor
as Caroline Wallace
Dan Wyllie
as Frank Fletcher
John Flaus
as Gordon
Gary Adams
as Kevin
Jeff Truman
as Ron
Toni Lamond
as Mrs. Lorna Ball
Jillian Murray
as Ophelia, Carey's Mom