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Film title: The Enigma with a Stigma
Language: English
Plot: The original intent of this documentary was to tell the story of a couple preparing for their wedding day. During the filming, things took a dramatic and unexpected turn when a mysterious worldwide phenomenon was uncovered. International outcry from governmental agencies, civic groups and private organizations has threatened to thwart this film's release. After careful consideration, the filmmakers remain steadfast in their commitment and moral obligation to expose the truth. The following story is real.

The Enigma with a Stigma Series
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The Enigma with a Stigma Cast & Crew

Ethan Sandler
as Ernie Reynolds
Roy Jenkins
as Dr. Sherman Jacobs
Brian Palermo
as Finnius J. Whippie
Jennifer Elise Cox
as Theresa Herman
Peter Jason
as Bill Herman
Karen Maruyama
as Cindy Wasser
Jim Wise
as Jack Durham
Mary Jo Smith
as Ginger Delila
Amy Smallman
as Lisa Hiller
Matt Winston
as Richard Hiller
Taylor Negron
as Steve Davis
Jim Ortlieb
as Travis Lass
Patrick Bristow
as Joe McVicker
Donovan Scott
as Robert Riley