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Film title: The Eyes of Scott Robbins
Language: English
Plot: Scott Robbins makes history shows for television. But when he finds out he's got cancer and six months to live, he turns the cameras on himself. With the help of his video technician friend Cat McCoy, he rigs a small camera on the side of his glasses and films the world literally through his eyes. Scott pulls back the curtain on the mysterious and intimidating world of cancer treatment. But he films more than just his surgery, chemotherapy and radiation... Coworkers, family, friends - nobody is safe from the Eyes of Scott Robbins.

The Eyes of Scott Robbins Series
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The Eyes of Scott Robbins Cast & Crew

Kenneth Alan Williams
as Scott Robbins
Heather Chesley
as Jean Robbins
Kevin Chesley
as Cat McCoy
Bruce Cronander
as Christopher Robbins
David Alan Graf
as Warren Wood
Susan Josepher
as Katherine Robbins
Kelly Keaton
as Nurse Moira
Lester Purry
as Dr. Javier
Allan Rabinowitz
as Dr. Lenscherr
Steve Sabellico
as Hunley Narration