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Film title: The Fear Chamber
Language: English
Plot: Troubled detective Nick Ferguson has a near fatal run-in with vicious serial killer Teddy, who's been terrorizing Los Angeles by murdering young women and removing their organs. After receiving a new heart and recovering in the hospital, Ferguson continues his obsessive search for Teddy. However, Ferguson has now acquired psychic abilities that enable him to have horrific visions of Teddy's victims as they're being tormented and murdered.

The Fear Chamber Series
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The Fear Chamber Cast & Crew

Richard Tyson
as Teddy
Rhett Giles
as Nick Ferguson
Steven Williams
as Captain Bradley
Miranda Kwok
as Kathryn
John Duerler
as Dr. Youngblood
Nikki Norris
as Wendy
Todd Rexx
as Derek
George Tovar
as Surgeon
Keesha Smith
as Nancy
Meg Cionni
as Emily
Greg Markles
as Teddy Nichols
William Waters
as Med Student
Natalie Burn
as Tina
Joseph Gatto
as Bar Thug