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Film title: The Final Sanction
Language: English
Plot: Tensions between the USA and Russia erupt into full scale war, leading to a limited exchange of nuclear weapons. Forced by the U.N. to the negotiating table, diplomats between the two superpowers decide on an unusual way to end the conflict: each side will pick one man from their best unit and put them both in a 20-acre arena in a one-on-one fight to the death. Winner take all. On the American side, Tom Batanic, a hot-tempered U.S. Army sergeant imprisoned in the notorious Levenworth military prison for murder charges is unwilling recruited for training under the direction of his female handler Tavin. On the Russian side, Sergei Schvackov is a sergeant in the USSR Special Forces recruited for the training under the watchful eye of his handler and mentor Major Galashkin. Overseen by the diplomats, Tom and Sergei, are fully armed and sent into the forested arena where the two hot-headed soldiers attempt to outmaneuver each other until Tavin begins to see the real reason behind the event and why her superiors want NEITHER soldier to win this conflict.

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The Final Sanction Cast & Crew

Ted Prior
as Sgt. Tom Batanic
Robert Z'Dar
as Sgt. Sergi Schvackov
William Smith
as Maj. Galashkin
David Fawcett
as Gen. Royston
Barry Silverman
as The Senator
Graham Timbes
as Koshkin
Tracy Benedict
as Claire
Stephen R. James
as Lt. Willy Gross
Charlie Steadham
as Soldier #1
Terrance Hart
as Soldier #2
Ron Smith
as Soldier #3
Lou Dixon
as Soldier #4
Chris Brown
as Captain
Lee Turner
as Corporal