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Film title: The Flight of the Swan
Language: English, Greek
Plot: Alexis is an explosive personality, passionate about life, humanity, nature, love and beauty. That is until the breakneck rhythm, intensity, stress and convolutions of career and economic success shatter him, alienating him from everyone and everything he loves: even his children and his soul mate Maria. Alexis is jolted back to reality when the unbridled greed of the multinational conglomerate his company is involved in causes an unprecedented ecological catastrophe costing many human lives. The multinational's Golden Boy suddenly realizes that he is nothing more than a cog in the machine he had fought so passionately against in his youth. He is determined to rediscover himself, to reclaim his soul, to rebuild the dream with Maria - but he is completely trapped. He is caught in a web of intrigue that tightens like a vice driving him to an inevitably lethal conflict with the conglomerate. The story quickly evolves into a nerve rending adventure with driving action, relentless ...

The Flight of the Swan Series
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The Flight of the Swan Cast & Crew

James D'Arcy
as Alexis
Alicia Witt
as Maria
Colm Meaney
as Giannopolus
Linda Gray
as Alexi's mother
Antonis Antoniou
as Tragic father
Menelaos Daflos
as Alexi's father
Petros Fyssoun
as President of USA
Larry Hagman
as Corporate President
Renos Haralambidis
as Dara's man