Watch The Fountainhead Online

Watch The Fountainhead Online
Film title: The Fountainhead
Rotten Tomatoes: 83%
Language: English
Plot: Gary Cooper stoically portrays uncompromising architect Howard Roark, a man obedient solely to his own individuality and unfettered expression, in this adaptation of Ayn Rand's best-selling philosophical allegory. Roark's life is depicted as a series of trials in which he must defend his beliefs and artistic integrity. Patricia Neal co-stars as the seductively fearsome Dominique Francon, the woman who tries to defeat Roark before falling in love.

The Fountainhead Cast & Crew

Gary Cooper
as Howard Roark
Patricia Neal
as Dominique Francon
Raymond Massey
as Gail Wynand
Kent Smith
as Peter Keating
Robert Douglas
as Ellsworth M. Toohey