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Film title: The Fourth Angel
Language: English, French, Serbo-Croatian
Plot: The Economist reporter Jack Elgin, a workaholic, takes his family on a working trip to India, where he is to interview the PM. But their US airplane is hijacked in Limassol (Cyprus) by the unknown August 15 terrorist movement, which ends up in a bloodbath. Jack can save his pre-teen son Andrew, literally in his arms, but his wife and daughter are among the slaughter victims. Western governments seem unwilling to go after the fiends, even hide the identity of a high-profile fatal victim. Although now a single father, Jack uses all his contacts and snooping skill to seek the truth himself. A London-based Serbian free newspaper editor sets him on the trail of four Balkanic killers, but is murdered. Jack decides to exact revenge himself, tipped-off by Sûreté-contact Dugay. Meanwhile US embassy official Davidson and FBI Special Agent Jules Bernard play a key part in the official, MI5-lead investigation, which ends up crossing Jack's path.

The Fourth Angel Series
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The Fourth Angel Cast & Crew

Jeremy Irons
as Jack Elgin
Forest Whitaker
as Agent Jules Bernard
Jason Priestley
as Davidson
Briony Glassco
as Maria
Charlotte Rampling
as Kate Stockton
Lois Maxwell
as Olivia
Timothy West
as Jones
Joel Pitts
as Andrew Elgin
Anna Maguire
as Joanne Elgin
Holly Boyd
as Julia
Kal Weber
as Kulindos
Ian McNeice
as Lewison, MI5 Officer
Garrick Hagon
as Duguay
Serge Soric
as Ivanic Loyvek