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Film title: The Franklin Abraham
Language: English
Plot: The Franklin Abraham is a building 2 kilometers wide, 3 kilometers long and in places 175 stories tall. It reputedly once inhabited a population of over 2 million people. The edifice began as a residential tower designed in the once fashionable Rococo-Moderne style. In the 200 years since its inception it has expanded into an amalgamated superstructure that encompasses all aspects of civic life: residential, retail, manufacturing, education, government and entertainment. Jonah FreemanÕs film is a circuitous journey through this vast, labyrinthine structure. The camera assumes the position of a voyeuristic, roaming eye that passes through the lives and spaces of an interiorized society. Particles of stories or characters are explored briefly and then left behind: a despondent teenage girl and her older newspaper-stealing boyfriend; a timid office worker on a date with a sinister-looking romeo; bored, subterranean youth gangs; the tribulations of the family and mega-corporation that own the building; a moisturizer-huffing bartender and her angry patrons. The segments focus on details of everyday life while simultaneously implying the gargantuan scale of the building.

The Franklin Abraham Series
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The Franklin Abraham Cast & Crew

Lucy Adden
as Molly Peabody
Wendy Allyn
as Beddiferd Walton
Stephanie Angelil
as Daisy Plus
Angelique Calandre
as Serviette
Norman Rockwell Coady
as Georgi Pantone
Ira Cohen
as Sylva Walnut
Eric Frandsen
as Eduardo Scott
James Huffman
as Cornwall Graphis
Jim Ireland
as Isaac
Clare Kaye
as Judith
Jackson Kuehn
as Tuesday Sun
Peak Kwinarian
as Frank Peabody
Fiona Lee
as Jacky