Watch The Fury Online

Watch The Fury Online
Film title: The Fury
Language: English
Plot: Two years after the debut of Carrie, director Brian De Palma delivers another bloody tale of psychic teenagers. When telekinetic teens Robin (Andrew Stevens, son of Stella) and Gillian (Amy Irving) become the target of a government baddie (John Cassavetes, who wants to exploit their powers for weapons of mass destruction), the boy's father (Kirk Douglas) is determined to stop him. Watch for Daryl Hannah and Laura Innes in their film debuts.

The Fury Cast & Crew

Kirk Douglas
as Peter Sandza
John Cassavetes
as Ben Childress
Charles Durning
as Dr. Jim McKeever
Amy Irving
as Gillian Bellaver
Fiona Lewis
as Dr. Susan Charles
Andrew Stevens
as Robin Sandza
Carol Eve Rossen
as Dr. Ellen Lindstrom
Rutanya Alda
as Kristen
Joyce Easton
as Katharine Bellaver
William Finley
as Raymond Dunwoodie
Jane Lambert
as Vivian Nuckells