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Film title: The Gaul
Language: English
Plot: Young Vercingetorix came of age in 60 B.C., as soldiers of the Roman Empire ran roughshod over Gaul and his father was captured and executed by Romans. A wise and philosophical druid, Guttuart, tells the angry Vercingetorix that he should seek justice by winning freedom for Gaul from the Romans. As an adult, Vercingetorix becomes a brave and insightful warrior, and at first joins forces with the charismatic Julius Caesar. But in time Vercingetorix is betrayed by the great leader, and soon he raises an army of his own to defeat Caesar and bring Guttuart's prophesy to life.

The Gaul Series
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The Gaul Cast & Crew

Christopher Lambert
as Vercingétorix
Klaus Maria Brandauer
as Julius Caesar
Max von Sydow
as Guttuart
Denis Charvet
as Cassivelaun
Yannis Baraban
as Litavic
Vincent Moscato
as Moscatos
Jean-Pierre Rives
as Teuton Chief