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Film title: The Goodbye Kiss
Language: Italian, Spanish, French, Croatian
Plot: Giorgio Pellegrini, a former left-wing activist turned terrorist has fled to Central America and fought with a guerrilla movement. Fifteen years later he is fed up with living in the jungle and decides to return to Italy. What he wants is to lead a comfortable bourgeois life in his native country. Thanks to Anedda, a corrupt police inspector, and after giving away former comrades, he obtains a reduced jail sentence. Once released from prison he obsessively pursues his dream of becoming a "respectable" citizen, even if the way to it is paved with larceny, pimping, drug-dealing, rape, heist and murder...

The Goodbye Kiss Series
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The Goodbye Kiss Cast & Crew

Alessio Boni
as Giorgio
Michele Placido
as Anedda
Alina Nedelea
as Roberta
Carlo Cecchi
as Avv. Brianese
Marjo Berasategui
as Francisca
Riccardo Zinna
as Vesuviano
Alessio Caruso
as Gayetano
Max Mazzotta
as Ciccio Formaggio
Kai Portman
as Tonci
Marco Mattioli
as Javier