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Film title: The Great Gatsby
Rotten Tomatoes: 48%
Language: English
Plot: Nominated for two Academy Awards in 1974, this movie brings to life F. Scott Fitzgerald's wrenching novel. Mia Farrow stars as Daisy Buchanan, the object of mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby's (Robert Redford) affections. Beyond Gatsby's grasp, Daisy is married to unfaithful Tom (Bruce Dern), making for a love triangle that ends, as they always seem to do, with broken hearts. The drama unfolds before narrator Nick Carraway's (Sam Waterston) eyes.

The Great Gatsby Series
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The Great Gatsby Cast & Crew

Robert Redford
as Jay Gatsby
Mia Farrow
as Daisy Buchanan
Bruce Dern
as Tom Buchanan
Karen Black
as Myrtle Wilson
Scott Wilson
as George Wilson
Sam Waterston
as Nick Carraway
Lois Chiles
as Jordan Baker
Howard Da Silva
as Meyer Wolfsheim