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Film title: The Guardian
Language: English
Plot: Phil and Kate have a baby boy named Jake. They hire a baby-sitter, Camilla, to look after Jake and she becomes part of the family. The Sheridan's friend and neighbor, Ned, takes a liking to Camilla and asks her out. She refuses, but Ned follows her and discovers that she is not quite human. Camilla discovers that she has been followed and Phil is pursued. He leaves a desperate message for Phil and Kate which reveals that Camilla has special plans for baby J

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The Guardian Cast & Crew

Jenny Seagrove
as Camilla
Dwier Brown
as Phil
Carey Lowell
as Kate
Brad Hall
as Ned Runcie
Miguel Ferrer
as Ralph Hess
Natalia Nogulich
as Molly Sheridan
Pamela Brull
as Gail Krasno
Gary Swanson
as Allan Sheridan
Frank Noon
as Punk
Theresa Randle
as Arlene Russell
Xander Berkeley
as Detective
Ray Reinhardt
as Dr. Klein
Jacob Gelman
as Scotty