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Film title: The Guys
Language: English
Plot: Adapted from a stage play by Anne Nelson, a drama centering on a slice of the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy. Nick, a fire captain, who lost eight men in the collapse of the World Trade Center, enlists help from an editor, Joan, to prepare their eulogies. Nick builds a relationship with Joan, who helps him put together the difficult, heartfelt speeches that he must deliver with honor, humor and poise--all the while, navigating his way through his own emotional respons

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The Guys Cast & Crew

Irene Walsh
as Joan's Sister
Jim Simpson
as Joan's Husband
Charlotte Simpson
as Joan's Daughter
Julian Trompeter
as Joan's Son
Katharine Schreiber
as Sister's Daughter
Lucas DeBassac
as Sister's Son
Joshua Ross
as Sister's Infant
Alfredo Narciso
as Diner Cashier
Anthony Bonaventura
as Tony James
Marcus Collins
as Brother
Tim Cummings
as Man on Subway