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Film title: The Heart of Me
Language: English
Plot: In the 1930s Ricky Masters, an English businessman, marries Madeleine, a fine match socially, but the cultured aesthete is more and more attracted to her sister Dinah, a 'Bohemian' painter, and as they spend time together their affair becomes physical, even all the way; yet when she gets pregnant they decide to leave his marriage intact. He raises his son with Madeleine, who tells him only in 1946 that she knew after he had a car accident during a 'business trip' to southern France that caused Dinah to loose her unborn daughter; now Ricky wants to leave Madeleine, but she refuses a divorce; after a time in hospital he is told Dinah chose to move back to France without him while she's really living in London, still not the last twist of the drama...

The Heart of Me Series
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The Heart of Me Cast & Crew

Olivia Williams
as Madeleine
Paul Bettany
as Rickie
Eleanor Bron
as Mrs. Burkett
Luke Newberry
as Anthony
Tom Ward
as Jack
Gillian Hanna
as Betty
Andrew Havill
as Charles
Alison Reid
as Bridie
Katy Maw
as Sylvia
Rebecca Charles
as Miss Matthews
John Rowe
as Drysdale
Shaughan Seymour
as Jeweller
Simon Day
as Hospital Doctor
Jenny Howe
as Nurse