Watch The Hoax Online

Watch The Hoax Online
Film title: The Hoax
Rotten Tomatoes: 85%
Language: English
Plot: After billing his authorized "autobiography" of eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes as the 20th century's most important book, writer Clifford Irving begins to believe his own hype. But his shameless scam soon catches up with him.

The Hoax Cast & Crew

David Aaron Baker
as Brad Silber
John Carter
as Harold Mcgraw
Judi Barton
as Marion
Raul Julia Jr.
as Bike Messenger
Richard Gere
as Clifford Irving
Hope Davis
as Andrea Tate
Christopher Evan Welch
as Albert Vanderkamp
Alfred Molina
as Dick Suskind
Marcia Gay Harden
as Edith Irving
Julie Delpy
as Nina Van Pallandt
Antonie Knoppers
as Fredrick Van Pallandt