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Film title: The Houseboy
Language: English
Plot: Gay couple Dominic (Damian Fuentes) and Simon (Tom Merlino) are going on a holiday vacation, they've asked Ricky (Nick May) to house sit for them.....What role does Ricky really plays in the gay couple's lives? A houseboy, a house sitter or the unofficial third lover????? As Christmas is coming nearer, Ricky decided to while away the time by online hook ups and tricks A plan is building inside Ricky, he will have a surprise Christmas present to the gay couple when they come back......Will Ricky continue this plan on Christmas Eve?????

The Houseboy Series
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The Houseboy Cast & Crew

Nick May
as Ricky
Murray Hill
as Mister Santa
Damián Fuentes
as Dominic
Tom Merlino
as Simon
The World Famous *BoB*
as Kitty Clause
Matthew Sandager
as Cokehead
Michael Apuzzo
as Justin
David Beck
as Tweaker in Tub
Peter Bloch
as Whip Cream Man
Daren Dillon
as Hunky Blonde Guy
Michael Hill
as The Cheater
Trip Langley
as Turtle Loving Tweaker