Watch The Hunt for Red October Online

Watch The Hunt for Red October Online
Film title: The Hunt for Red October
Rotten Tomatoes: 84%
Language: Basil Poledouris
Plot: When a Soviet nuclear sub headed toward American waters drops off U.S. scanners, the Yanks scramble to take defensive steps. But CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin) convinces the brass that the sub's commander (Sean Connery) has something other than a first strike in mind. A perilous cat-and-mouse game ensues in this taut technothriller co-starring Scott Glenn and Sam Neill.

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The Hunt for Red October Cast & Crew

Sean Connery
as Marko Ramius
Alec Baldwin
as Jack Ryan
Scott Glenn
as Bart Mancuso
Sam Neill
as Captain Vasili Borodin
James Earl Jones
as Admiral Greer
Joss Ackland
as Andrei Lysenko
Richard Jordan
as Jeffrey Pelt
Peter Firth
as Ivan Putin
Tim Curry
as Dr. Yevgeniy Petrov
Courtney B. Vance
as Seaman Jones
Stellan Skarsgård
as Captain Viktor Tupolev
Jeffrey Jones
as Skip Tyler
Timothy Carhart
as Bill Steiner
Larry Ferguson
as Chief of the Boat
Fred Dalton Thompson
as Admiral Painter