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Film title: The Joyriders
Language: English
Plot: A suicidal older man, Gordon Trout, is kidnapped for his car and money by three runaway teenagers who live on the streets. Their experiences together make them a close-knit family, but the nature of the crime committed could tear them apart. The intricacies of these complex relationships are explored through an emotional story with twists and turns.

The Joyriders Series
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The Joyriders Cast & Crew

Martin Landau
as Gordon Trout
Heather McComb
as Crystal
Diane Venora
as Celeste
Debbie Bisno
as Pancake Waitress
Steve Bond
as Highway Patrolman
Michael Chieffo
as Res-Wel Manager
Kathleen S. Dunn
as Wendy Trout
Satch Huizenga
as Trucker
Jamielyn Kane
as Foster Sister
Jay Karnes
as Donald Trout
Robert Knott
as Cliff