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Film title: The Keeper
Language: English
Plot: In Redwood County, the dancer Gina is attacked and her boyfriend is killed by a maniac in a motel. Gina is attended by Sergeant Burns and Lieutenant Krebs insists in giving a lift to her when she leaves the hospital. However, he kidnaps Gina and arrests her in a cell in the basement of his isolated house. The deranged policeman has a serious trauma from his childhood with dancers of night-clubs and establishes rules and punctuations for Gina while she is imprisoned. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Krebs is stalked by a local, Ruthie, who has a crush on him and wants to promote his amateurish puppet show with the character Deputy Rock, his alter-ego. Sgt. Burns is trying to find a clue where the missing Gina may be.

The Keeper  Series
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The Keeper Cast & Crew

Dennis Hopper
as Krebs
Asia Argento
as Gina
Helen Shaver
as Ruthie
Lochlyn Munro
as Sgt. Burns
Charles Frederick
as Joe Cody - Man in Black
Alex Zahara
as Derick
Alejandro Abellan
as Burley Driver
Fred Keating
as Mayor Watson
Philip Granger
as Lt. Stone
Joe McCoy
as 4th Man
Angela Uyeda
as Raven Starr
Brad Loree
as Bouncer
Robert Saunders
as Trucker
Charlie Gudgeon
as Bus Kid