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Film title: The Last Big Thing
Language: English
Plot: From a bland tract house on the outskirts of Los Angeles, Simon Geist (with occasional help from his platonic girlfriend Darla) wages war against all of modern American popular culture. Geist starts up a magazine called "The Next Big Thing", which he uses to confront and insult upcoming actors, comics, models and rock bands. As Geist's mysterious Underground Agenda escalates, will he become the "last big thing", or be co-opted by the very forces he is railing against?

The Last Big Thing Series
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The Last Big Thing Cast & Crew

Dan Zukovic
as Simon Geist
Susan Heimbeinder
as Darla Hames
Mark Ruffalo
as Brent Benedict
Andrew Falk
as Chris
Sibel Ergener
as Magda
James Lorinz
as Comic
Yul Vazquez
as 1st Interviewer
Thomas Prisco
as 2nd Interviewer
Louis Mustillo
as Video Producer
Steven Kay
as Video D.P.
Blaine Capatch
as Band Leader
Mitch Mayer
as Band Member
Will Huston
as Band Member
as Band Member