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Film title: The Last Duane
Language: English
Plot: Buck Duane inherited his legendary father's skill with a gun as well as his knack for finding trouble. Attacked by a jealous rival over a girl, Buck defends himself and is forced to live as an outlaw, constantly on the run from the black and white justice of the Texas Rangers. But when he seeks redemption by rescuing an enslaved Indian girl from a vicious criminal and his gang of outlaws, he's pushed into further violence, and the understanding that he may be no better than the worst of them. As penance for his crimes and the deaths he's caused, Buck agrees to give himself over to service in the Texas Rangers, working in constant peril as a sanctioned vigilante. He lives as an outlaw in order to root them out, dealing justice and vengeance for his dead friends and all the weak and helpless folk of Texas.

The Last Duane Series
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The Last Duane Cast & Crew

Rose McGowan
as Madeline
Danny Trejo
as Espada
Keith David
as Euchre
Jason Patric
as Kip Duane
Mark Boone Junior
as Gus Andrews
Marisa Coughlan
as Mary Duane
Anthony De Longis
as Jeff Ake
Noah Harden
as Young Buck Duane
Ardeshir Radpour
as Gang Member
Martin Copping
as Kid Fuller
Clay Walker
as Ranger Perkins
Angela Francis
as Saloon Girl
Mary E. Fry
as The Proper Lady