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Film title: The Last Sect
Language: English, French
Plot: The journalist Sydney St. James is writing an article for the magazine where she works about the on-line dating agency Artemis that is specialized in women. She schedules an interview with the owner of Artemis, Anna, and she visits the mysterious woman with her photographer Sam, who is fascinated by a site called Vampire Web. Sidney feels a great attraction for Anna, who is actually an ancient vampire called Anastasia. Meanwhile the vampire hunter Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is advised by his assistant Tone about the correlation between Artemis and the Vampire Web, and Van Helsing explains that in every turn of millennium, the vampire sect needs to regenerate, using a woman for this purpose. Van Helsing calls his partner Karpov and together they go to Artemis to fight against Anastasia and her sect.

The Last Sect Series
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The Last Sect Cast & Crew

David Carradine
as Van Helsing
Natalie Brown
as Sydney St. James
Julian Richings
as Karpov
Christine Tizzard
as Receptionist
Erin Berry
as Security Guard
Joe MacLeod
as Bike Courier
Rosalba Martinni
as Fortune Teller
Nicole Sherman
as Vampette #1
Kasia Vassos
as Vampette #2
Claire Oleson
as Vampette #3