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Film title: The Life Before This
Language: English
Plot: In Toronto, after a holdup goes awry, two gunmen kill or wound several people at a cafe. A flashback takes us through the victims' day. Sheena, a talkative woman approaching middle age, vacillates about showing up for a blind date. Jake, an attorney who has "borrowed" from a client's trust fund, faces ruin when she dies. Maggie, the ugly-duckling daughter of a TV star, gets an audition on her own and may be late for her shift at the cafe. A laconic bug exterminator, grieving for his dead daughter, goes through a day of pain and memory. Two prepubescent girls set up an elderly teacher on a charge of sexual impropriety. Can any make decisions that change the shooting outcome?

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The Life Before This Cast & Crew

Joe Pantoliano
as Jake Maclean
Sarah Polley
as Connie
Stephen Rea
as Brian
Bernard Behrens
as Monsieur Farrin
Martha Burns
as Gwen Maclean
Fab Filippo
as Michael
Emily Hampshire
as Margaret
Leslie Hope
as Alice
Joel S. Keller
as Kevin
Dan Lett
as Sam
Carl Marotte
as Stan
Alison Pill
as Jessica
Callum Keith Rennie
as Martin Maclean