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Film title: The Little Bear Movie
Language: English
Plot: Little Bear and Father Bear are camping in the woods when they meet a smaller bear named Cub. It seems that Cub became separated from his parents during a storm and now he can't find them. Little Bear and Father Bear decide to try to help Cub find his famil

The Little Bear Movie Series
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The Little Bear Movie Cast & Crew

Kristin Fairlie
as Little Bear
Dan Hennessey
as Father Bear
Janet-Laine Green
as Mother Bear
Max Morrow
as Little Moose
Wayne Best
as Mountain Lion
Catherine Disher
as Mother Moose
Tracy Ryan
as Duck
Alison Sealy-Smith
as Cub's Mother
Maurice Dean Wint
as Cub's Father
Ray Landry
as Moose
Cole Caplan
as Poppy
Asa Perlman
as Pete