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Film title: The Little Patriot
Language: English
Plot: Join in one boy's heroic adventure as he fights in the struggle for freedom on the American frontier. James Todd is a young boy growing up in the hostile American wilderness-a rugged and dangerous land also inhabited by the American Indians. His peaceful life is shattered when the treacherous British troops suddenly storm through the countryside in an attempt to crush the American Revolution. During the battle for freedom, James is ruthlessly captured and held prisoner in the enemy fort by the brutal Major Smythe. But his bravery seems without limits as an unlikely and legendary alliance is forged with the neighboring Indians in a bold and fearless rescue effort. It is a rugged and wondrous adventure which culminates as the fortress is infiltrated and James narrowly escapes to lead the spirited fight against the British Red Coats.

The Little Patriot Series
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The Little Patriot Cast & Crew

Dan Haggerty
as Colonel Rose
Ryan Washburn
as James Todd
Jacqueline Konx
as Becky Todd
J. Christian Ingvordsen
as Samuel Todd
John Weiner
as Tekhane
Rick Washburn
as Major Smythe
Jeff Mazzola
as Sergeant Cornwall
Sam B. Lorn
as Manhate
Pete Williams
as Joggo
Joseph P. Dandry
as Jacques the Trapper
Timothy Oman
as Lord Weatherby
Eric Marshall
as General Foster
Maraya Chase
as Xongwe
Jeffrey Howard
as Noah Brown