Watch The Longest Yard Online

Watch The Longest Yard Online
Film title: The Longest Yard
Rotten Tomatoes: 81%
Language: English
Plot: Burt Reynolds stars in this rough, hilarious comedy as washed-up National Football League quarterback Paul Crewe, who's sent to jail and forced to put together an inmate gridiron team to take on a group of cocky prison guards. But when the warden tells Crewe to throw the game, the former pro must choose between himself and his team. The climactic football game is a bone-crunching howl from start to finish.

The Longest Yard Cast & Crew

Adam Sandler
as Paul Crewe
Chris Rock
as Caretaker
Burt Reynolds
as Coach Nate Scarborough
as Megget
Michael Irvin
as Deacon Moss
Bill Goldberg
as Battle
Terry Crews
as Cheeseburger Eddy