Watch The Love Guru Online

Watch The Love Guru Online
Film title: The Love Guru
Rotten Tomatoes: 38%
Language: English
Plot: Pitka (Mike Myers), an American raised by gurus on an Indian ashram, returns to his native soil to make a name for himself as a spiritual guide, where he's promptly challenged to settle a rivalry between two pro hockey players (Justin Timberlake and Romany Malco). With one of the player's marriages -- as well as the Stanley Cup -- at stake, Pitka must call upon his healing skills to mend the rift before time runs out.

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The Love Guru Cast & Crew

Jessica Simpson
as Jessica Simpson
Kanye West
as Kanye West
Mike Myers
as Guru Pitka
Deepak Chopra
as Deepak Chopra
Jessica Alba
as Jane Bullard
Justin Timberlake
as Jacques Grande
Romany Malco
as Darren Roanoke
Verne Troyer
as Coach Punch Cherkov
Meagan Good
as Prudence Roanoke
Manu Narayan
as Rajneesh
John Oliver
as Dick Pants
Stephen Colbert
as Jay Kell
Jim Gaffigan
as Trent Lueders
Ben Kingsley
as Guru Tugginmypudha