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Film title: The Magic Snowman
Language: English
Plot: The story of a snowman that talks to the boy who built him and helps his family when a fishing drought threatens their livelihood. He later teaches the boy a valuable lesson when he tries to beat the local bully in a skating contes

The Magic Snowman Series
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The Magic Snowman Cast & Crew

Roger Moore
as Lumi Ukko, the Snowman
Justin Fried
as Jamie Tonnery
Dragana Marjanovic
as Mandy Smith
Pavle Bojkovski
as Stanley
Aleksandar Balan
as Barton Longbrau
Relja Basic
as Capt. Longbrau
Boris Cavazza
as Tom Tonnery
Jack Aranson
as Capt. Brown
Christian James
as Logan Tonnery
Dusan Jovanovic
as Mr. Mako
Frano Lasic
as Ned
Polona Vetrih
as History teacher
Spela Rozin
as Mrs. Tonnery
Milena Zupancic
as Mrs. Smith
Kyle Morris
as Father Mullighan