Watch The Manchurian Candidate Online

Watch The Manchurian Candidate Online
Film title: The Manchurian Candidate
Rotten Tomatoes: 80%
Language: English
Plot: Raymond Shaw (Laurence Harvey) is a Korean War hero with a lethal secret: He's been brainwashed by the communist Chinese. With one phone call, the Reds can transform Shaw into a deadly assassin -- unless fellow veteran Bennett Marco (Frank Sinatra) can stop them first. Some thrillers remain as suspenseful -- and timely -- as when they were first released, and this classic from director John Frankenheimer is one of the best.

The Manchurian Candidate Cast & Crew

Frank Sinatra
as Major Bennett Marco
Laurence Harvey
as Raymond Shaw
Janet Leigh
as Eugenie Rose Chaney
Angela Lansbury
as Mrs. Eleanor Shaw Iselin
Henry Silva
as Chunjin
James Gregory
as Senator John Yerkes Iselin
Leslie Parrish
as Jocelyn Jordan
John McGiver
as Senator Thomas Jordan
Khigh Dhiegh
as Dr. Yen Lo
James Edwards
as Corporal Allen Melvin
Douglas Henderson
as Colonel Milt
Albert Paulsen
as Zilkov
Barry Kelley
as Secretary of Defense
Lloyd Corrigan
as Holborn Gaines