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Film title: The Men's Club
Language: English
Plot: A group of men get together to form a "discussion group". They share their feelings about women, life, love, and work. The party gets rowdier and rowdier, and then the wife returns home. Thrown out, the men are not yet willing to call it a nig

The Men's Club Series
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The Men's Club Cast & Crew

David Dukes
as Phillip
Richard Jordan
as Kramer
Harvey Keitel
as Solly Berliner
Frank Langella
as Harold Canterbury
Roy Scheider
as Cavanaugh
Craig Wasson
as Paul
Treat Williams
as Terry
Gina Gallego
as Felicia
Cindy Pickett
as Hannah
Gwen Welles
as Redhead
Penny Baker
as Lake
Rebeccah Bush
as Stella
Claudia Cron
as Stacey