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Film title: The Milkweed Tree of Life
Language: English
Plot: The life and professional death/rebirth of Milkweed - comedic actor, satirical writer and musical performer - is investigated by academic researcher Dr. Morr, who recruits his colleague and long-time friend Dr. Linus to the project. Eventually, Dr. Morr tells Dr. Linus he has become so interested in him that he has recorded songs and written plays and poems that he hopes Milkweed will use in his art. However, Dr. Linus soon confesses that he is in fact Milkweed himself and has been living a double life - keeping his academic position and artistic career so separate that dissociative personality disorder had set it. The team must reconcile their friendship and professional pursuits in light of this. The project becomes something else entirely as this news causes them to have to re-assess what reality and the perception of reality is as well as the various acting roles we all play out in our lives in order to manifest our pain and suppressed desires.

The Milkweed Tree of Life Series
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The Milkweed Tree of Life Cast & Crew

Collin Lee Ellis
as Dr. Eugene Morr
Kevin Barry Comerford
as Dr. Isaac Linus / Milkweed
Kelly Comerford
as Milkweed's Brother
Nathen Mazri
as Obsessed Fan