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Film title: The Million Dollar Kid
Language: English
Plot: The good news is that the Hunter family just won a 50 million dollar lottery prize. The bad news is they lost the ticket in the middle of Los Angeles--and have only four hours to find it and claim their prize in this fast paced action-comedy from the writer and director of "Arthurs Quest."

The Million Dollar Kid Series
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The Million Dollar Kid Cast & Crew

Richard Thomas
as Ted Hunter
Maureen McCormick
as Betsy Hunter
C. Thomas Howell
as Valentino
Corey Feldman
as Charles
Estelle Getty
as Sister Rosanne
Randy Travis
as Businessman
Kaye Ballard
as Mrs. Crabby
Clint Howard
as Harvey
Mark Metcalf
as Officer Bob
Alison Lohman
as Courtney Hunter
Ron Carlson
as Razor
Andrew Sandler
as Shane Hunter
Neil Mandt
as Benny Seaver
Anastasia Trovato
as Italian Jogger
Bonnie Paul
as Retirement Nurse