Watch The Mother Of Invention Online

Watch The Mother Of Invention Online
Film title: The Mother Of Invention
Language: English
Plot: Vincent Dooly is an aspiring inventor who dreams of winning an annual inventing award. There's only one problem... he's never made anything that's worked. Now, it's the last year he can enter and he has some stiff competition from Martin Wooderson, the smug wunderkind who has a long history of winning. But this time, Vincent has a plan... and it just might change everything.

The Mother Of Invention Cast & Crew

Andrew Bowser
as Vincent Dooly
Jimmi Simpson
as Martin Wooderson
Kevin Corrigan
as Anton Pupkin
Ruby Wendell
as Jenny Balsam
Craig Anton
as James Gilmore
Dee Wallace
as Nancy Dooly
Mark Boone Junior
as Bill Dooly
Chris Hardwick
as Drake Wooderson
Dave Allen
as Dr. Henry Miller
F. Jason Whitaker
as Gunter Johansson
Bruce McKenzie
as Gordon Platt
Chris Franjola
as Jerry Schwartz
Rod McLachlan
as Don Shanks - Diner Manager
Tim Venable
as Graffito Gone Inventor
Michael Villar
as Invisi-Powder Inventor