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Film title: The Mumbo Jumbo
Language: English
Plot: A cynical young American, Thomas Doubting, is given a magical amulet which takes him on a mysterious journey to the island of Sinmouth. The eccentric locals believe he is the lost legend of "Mumbo Jumbo" - an entity who will restore their fortunes and rescue the beautiful Princess Vanilla.

The Mumbo Jumbo Series
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The Mumbo Jumbo Cast & Crew

Jamie Walters
as Thomas Doubting
Brian Blessed
as Lucifer Bounder
Joss Ackland
as Mayor Smith
John Inman
as Father Chinwag
Nigel Davenport
as Major Cowpat
Sylvester McCoy
as Mr. Tallman
Richard O'Brien
as Archie
Josephine Tewson
as Miss Hodges
Melinda Messenger
as Princess Vanilla
Rojer Weightman
as Thomas's Dad
Gil Beresford
as Sahara Sumptnosity
Nancy Baldwin
as Thomas's Mum
Crispin Harris
as Jack Russel
Melanie Harris
as Dolly Bird #1