Watch The New Age Online

Watch The New Age Online
Film title: The New Age
Rotten Tomatoes: 69%
Language: English
Plot: Peter and Katherine Witner are Southern California super-yuppies with great jobs but no center to their lives. When they both lose their jobs and begin marital infidelities, their solution is to start their own business together. In order to find meaning to their empty lives, they follow various New Age gurus and other such groups. Eventually, they hit rock bottom and have make some hard decisions.

The New Age Cast & Crew

Peter Weller
as Peter Witner
Judy Davis
as Katherine Witner
Patrick Bauchau
as Jean Levy
Rachel Rosenthal
as Sarah Friedberg
Adam West
as Jeff Witner
Paula Marshall
as Alison Gale
Bruce Ramsay
as Misha
Tanya Pohlkotte
as Bettina
Susan Traylor
as Ellen Saltonstall
John Diehl
as Lyle
Sandra Seacat
as Mary Netter
Samuel L. Jackson
as Dale Deveaux
Audra Lindley
as Sandi Rego