Watch The Newest Pledge Online

Watch The Newest Pledge Online
Film title: The Newest Pledge
Language: English
Plot: The morning after kicking off their semester with a patriotic "stars, stripes, and strippers" party, the members of the Omega fraternity awaken to a find a baby on their doorstep. After little to no deliberation, the Omegas decide to pledge the baby. When a rival fraternity member, Rico, learns of this, he devises a plot to ruin the Omegas reputation in the eyes of the student body at Hamilton University. It's up to the Omegas to not only secure their legacy at the University, but to also raise a baby in a fraternity house.

The Newest Pledge Cast & Crew

Rob Steinhauser
as Pledge
Jason Mewes
as Professor Street
Mindy Sterling
as President Dumervile
Barry Pearl
as Mr. Motes
Michael Gavrielov
as Kegston
Kevin Myers
as Hodges
Beth Lepley
as Caitlin
Sean Tsaconas
as Thames
Nate McGarity
as Rodney 'Night Train' Maine
Kevin Nash
as Merkhaus' Dad
G.W. Bailey
as Mr. Hodgkinson
Rich Rotella
as Richie Sambora
Alex Kurnow
as Max