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Film title: The Next Big Thing
Language: English
Plot: Starving artist Gus Bishop can't even give away his paintings. But a fictitious Geoffrey Buonardi, with the same paintings and an inventive back story, can become the darling of the art world. How long can Gus Bishop perpetrate the scam and remain in the shadows while his legendary alter ego basks in the spotlight as The Next Big Thing?

The Next Big Thing Series
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The Next Big Thing Cast & Crew

Chris Eigeman
as Gus Bishop
Jamie Harris
as Deech Scumble
Connie Britton
as Kate Crowley
Janet Zarish
as Florence Rubin
Mike Starr
as Walter Sznitken
Farley Granger
as Arthur Pomposello
Marin Hinkle
as Shari Lampkin
Peter Giles
as Roger
Dechen Thurman
as Damian Spire
John Seitz
as Mr. Chesick
Ileen Getz
as Trish Kane
Edward James Hyland
as Museum Director
Gerta Grunen
as Bernice Chesick
Samia Shoaib
as Varda Abromowitz
Doug Stone
as Mr. Willard