Watch The Normals Online

Watch The Normals Online
Film title: The Normals
Language: English
Plot: With a debt collector hot on his trail, Harvard graduate Billy Schine enrolls in a clinical drug trial to make a quick buck. Carted out of New York City in a shuttle full of oddball characters, Billy and the rest of the guinea pigs, affectionately referred to as "Normals," camp out at hidden research facility. When not popping pills, being tagged, drained of blood, prodded, poked and color-coded, they are telling horror stories of previous tests or generally getting on each other's nerves. As the test drags on, just being there starts to take its toll, and tensions build until the dam finally bursts. Billy realizes that there is no such thing as "normal."

The Normals Cast & Crew

Mishka Balilty
as Yellow Patient
Brooke Bloom
as Nurse Longley
Ralph Bracco
as Orderly,nude chase / Red Patient
Jordan Carlos
as Cafeteria Worker
Reg E. Cathey
as Rodney
Sara Chase
as Nurse
Gerard Cordero
as Orderly
Kelli Crump
as Joy
Dorothi Fox
as Old Woman
Bryan Greenberg
as Billy Schine
Chris Haemmerle
as Technician
Dan Hedaya
as Ragnar