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Film title: The Nutt House
Language: English
Plot: Idential twins Philbert and Nathan are too much of a burden on their mother so she separates them by sending Nathan, the "bad seed", to an insane asylum where he grows up with multi personalities while Philbert becomes a well-known senator. On one typical day, Nathan escapes from the asylum to find his long-lost brother and somehow ends up at Philbert's mansion and since they both look alike, they cause some outrageously silly mishaps in which Philbert's long-suffering wife Diane and his mistress/housekeeper Miss Tress are fooled by the deception.

The Nutt House Series
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The Nutt House Cast & Crew

Stephen Kearney
as Nathan Nutt / Philbert Nutt
Amy Yasbeck
as Diane Nutt
Robert Trebor
as Buddy
Robert Colbert
as Board Doctor
Sandra Gould
as Ma Belle
Barry Livingston
as Williams
Peter Lupus
as Musso
Robert Mandan
as Mr. Henderson
Emil Sitka
as Geeves
Stella Stevens
as Mrs. Robinson
Constance Towers
as Mrs. Henderson
Joseph Whipp
as Doctor Foster
Traci Lords
as Miss Tress
Catherine Bach
as Benefit Reporter