Watch The Odd Couple II Online

Watch The Odd Couple II Online
Film title: The Odd Couple II
Rotten Tomatoes: 57%
Language: English
Plot: Fussy neatnik Felix Unger (Jack Lemmon) and incorrigible slob Oscar Madison (Walter Matthau) haven't seen each other since they shared an apartment life three decades ago but they're reunited on a trip to the wedding of Oscar's son (Jonathan Silverman) and Felix's daughter (Lisa Waltz). A traumatic road trip full of misadventures ensues in this delightful tale about the classic mismatched characters.

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The Odd Couple II Cast & Crew

Jack Lemmon
as Felix Ungar
Walter Matthau
as Oscar Madison
Jonathan Silverman
as Brucey Madison
Lisa Waltz
as Hannah Unger
Mary Beth Peil
as Felice
Jean Smart
as Holly
Rex Linn
as JayJay
Jay O. Sanders
as Leroy
Barnard Hughes
as Beaumont
Ellen Geer
as Frances Unger Melnick
Doris Belack
as Blanche Madison Povitch
Lou Cutell
as Abe
Mary Fogarty
as Flossie, the Grouch