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Film title: The One
Language: English
Plot: There is not one universe, but there are many, which is a multiverse. Supposing you are just one person, there are many other versions of you in the other universes, there are ways to travel, but only a police agency,MVA, can travel only for police procedures. Gabriel Yulaw is a former MVA agent, who killed another version of himself in self-defense. It made the other versions of him stronger. When Yulaw found out about this, he became power-hungry killing the 122 other versions for two years. After killing Lawless and getting captured by his former partner Roedecker and a new MVA agent Funsch, Yulaw managed to escape the prison and is trying to kill his last target, Gabe Law who is a police officer. He is also at Yulaw's strength. Roedecker and Funsch now have to arrest Yulaw before he can kill Gabe. There is a possibility that the universe could die or make Yulaw invincible. After encountering Yulaw for the first time, Gabe thought that it was his split personality, but it wasn't. Will Gabe be able to confront Yulaw before or after Yulaw ruins his life?

The One Cast & Crew

Jet Li
as Gabe Law / Gabriel Yulaw / Lawless
Carla Gugino
as T.K. Law / Massie Walsh
Delroy Lindo
as MVA Agent Harry Roedecker / Gas Station Attendant
Jason Statham
as MVA Agent Evan Funsch
James Morrison
as LAPD Officer Bobby Aldrich / 'A' World Inmate #1
Dylan Bruno
as Yates
Richard Steinmetz
as D'Antoni
Steve Rankin
as MVA Supervisor
Tucker Smallwood
as Prison Warden
Harriet Sansom Harris
as Nurse Besson
David Keats
as MRI Technician
Dean Norris
as Sgt. Siegel
Ron Zimmerman
as Rotten Ronnie
Darin Morgan
as Hugo
Mark Borchardt
as Cesar