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Film title: The Phantom of the Opera
Language: Italian, French
Plot: Standard story of the Phantom does have one major variation - The phantom is not a disfigured individual, but rather is an unwashed orphan abandoned in the sewers under the Paris Opera & raised by rats. The Phantom invokes death upon anyone who dares harm his beloved rats. In fact, The Phantom's nemesis is the chief exterminator who develops a rat-catching m

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The Phantom of the Opera Cast & Crew

Julian Sands
as The Phantom
Asia Argento
as Christine Daaé
Andrea Di Stefano
as Baron Raoul De Chagny
Nadia Rinaldi
as Carlotta Altieri
István Bubik
as Ignace, the rat-catcher
Lucia Guzzardi
as Madame Giry
Aldo Massasso
as Pourdieu
Zoltan Barabas
as Poligny
Gianni Franco
as Montluc
David D'Ingeo
as Alfred
Kitty Kéri
as Paulette
John Pedeferri
as Dr. Princard
Leonardo Treviglio
as Jerome De Chagny
Massimo Sarchielli
as Joseph Buquet