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The Presidents Series
Premiere: 2001
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 9
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The Presidents is a 2005 American documentary television series about the history of each President of the United States of America, narrated by Edward Herrmann. The show documents each of the Presidents in the union, starting with George Washington, following a chronological order up until Barack Obama. Each President's segment begins with the narrator giving a brief dossier about each one, from their political affiliation, family, and notable traits. The show then highlights the history behind each presidency, linking each one to the following.
The Presidents S01E09 As the saying goes, behind every great man stands a great woman. This special bonus feature sets about both proving and disproving the adage.
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Date Aired The Presidents Episodes
Season 1
Season 1, Episode 1: Washington to Monroe (1789-1825)
Season 1, Episode 2: John Q. Adams to Polk (1825-1849)
Season 1, Episode 3: Taylor to Lincoln (1849-1865)
Season 1, Episode 4: Andrew Johnson to Arthur (1865-1885)
Season 1, Episode 5: Cleveland to Taft (1885-1913)
Season 1, Episode 6: Wilson to FDR (1913-1945)
Season 1, Episode 7: Truman to Ford (1945-1977)
Season 1, Episode 8: Carter to George W. Bush (1977-Present)
Season 1, Episode 9: All the President's Wives