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Film title: The Private Public
Language: English
Plot: Zeke Lareau and Auggie Jacobs are two college seniors who have never met. Both are only a semester away from graduation, or so they think. During a night out on the town, a bar scuffle breaks out and mistakenly lands them in the county jail. After spending the night in cells joined by a window, they discover that although their personalities are night and day in comparison, they both share personal desires for Auggie's extremely liberated ex-girlfriend, Laina, as well as a desire for the truth. Zeke and Auggie soon find themselves engulfed in local stardom after teaming up in film class for a locally broadcasted mini-documentary that reveals Laina's lesbian life style and Zeke and Auggie's unique interests in her. But that stardom soon places Zeke and Auggie in the greatest struggle of their lives when their second documentary, which exposes a nationally acclaimed professor as a sexual offender, is met by opposition from the university, as well as the local authorities. Facing expulsion from the university and possible charges from local authorities, Auggie and Zeke, as well as mid-life crisis advocate Professor Roger Powell, are faced with the question of whether to gain by subsiding, or accept whatever consequences that may come from doing the right thing.

The Private Public Series
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The Private Public Cast & Crew

Traci Bingham
as Laina Brookhart
David Burns
as Zeke Lareau
Jason Cornwell
as August 'Auggie' Jacobs
Curt Smith
as Professor Nick Powell
Kelly Lynch
as Maddy Nielsen Kline
Blair Stevens
as Holly West
Ross Brockley
as Professor Hass
Michael Moore
as Himself
Glen Naessens
as Cameron Martin - Zeke's Roomate
Cory Brown
as Nate Wilson - Zeke's Roomate
Brian Calek
as Brian Camel - Auggie's Roomate
Robb Vallier
as Brix - Auggie's Roomate
Utah Naganuma
as Addia - Auggie's Roomate
Billi Fay
as Karen
Fred Vallier
as Dr. Jack Stugge