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Film title: The Process
Language: English
Plot: When martial arts champion Pinoy travels to America, his fighting skills are put to the test when he finds himself in the middle of a violent gang war. Forced into sudden street combat against fierce members of the Crazy Dragons gang, Pinoy saves the life of Jesse. Impressed with Pinoy's amazing fighting abilities and grateful for his life, Jesse befriends the stranger, introducing him to his father. But this new found friendship is put to the test when the Crazy Dragons surround Jesse's home, threatening the lives of his family. Suddenly the two must protect what they cherish, and with the help of Kimo summon all their martial arts strength for an action packed ultimate fight to the death.

The Process Series
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The Process Cast & Crew

Corin Nemec
as Hitler
Ernie Reyes Sr.
as Senior
Dennis Brown
as Godfather
Julie K. Smith
as Secretary
Ann Estrada
as Karen
Robin Webb
as Karate Instructor
Keith McNamara
as Mick Morrison
Brent Nelson
as Limo Driver