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Film title: The Raffle
Language: English
Plot: Two out of work men come up with a money-making promotion to find the most beautiful woman in the world and to set up a raffle where the winner wins a date w

The Raffle Series
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The Raffle Cast & Crew

Nicholas Lea
as David Lake
Bobby Dawson
as Frank Palmer
Jennifer Clement
as Margo Miller
Mark Hamill
as Bernard Wallace
Jay Underwood
as Wilson Lowe
Teri Lynn Rutherford
as Anya Monroe
Alex Bruhanski
as Erney Pratt
Babs Chula
as Jacki Brooks
Abe Hefter
as Abraham Cratchett
Gary Hetherington
as Jack Finney
Michael Foster
as George Piper
Alf Humphreys
as Randy Hickock
Sidne Knopp
as Gus
Estelle Coppens
as Rhonda Simmons